FoliuMed lands soft-gel capsules in Australia


FoliuMed has delivered its first shipment of soft-gel capsules to Australia with the firm suggesting they have the potential to replace tinctures in the local market.

FoliuMed founder and CEO Oliver Zugel

The company, which has manufacturing and R&D in Germany and cultivation facilities in South America, said the capsules allow doctors to prescribe a precise dose of cannabinoids to patients, either 25mg of CBD per capsule or 10mg of THC. 

FoliuMed has consistently declined to reveal the name of its Australian customer, but it has emerged that Althea took delivery of the shipment.

The capsules are made in Germany from pharmaceutical plant extracts produced in Colombia under Good Manufacturing Practice and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.     

FoliuMed founder and CEO Oliver Zugel said soft-gel capsules have the potential to replace tinctures as the leading method of administration in Australia.

“Soft-gel capsules allow for more precise dosage than other forms of consumption. Additionally, doctors usually do not like to prescribe smokable products. We believe that capsules will eventually replace tinctures if they are offered at a comparable price point.”  

He said affordability remains a major stumbling block for Australian patients.

“This is why we are recommending our B2B customers in the different markets we serve offer the capsules at a comparable price point to tinctures, so that choice for the patient becomes simple.

“They get the benefit of precise dosing, discretion, portability and taste masking at the same price they pay for an oral solution.”

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