Publications And Conference Participations

The Value Audit

Oliver Zugel - Harvard Deusto Review (1999)

Valuing Internet Companies

Oliver Zugel - Harvard Deusto Review (2000)

Creating Value: The Codere case study

Oliver Zugel - Monitor Library (2006)

Diego Navarro, CEO Codere COL&PAN on the cover of games magazine. Gaming public policy publication.

Diego Navarro - Games Magazine, (2016)

Araujo Ibarra Forum. Health industry and cannabis evolution

Diego Navarro - Panelist. Bogotá, Colombia (2019)

Does Brand matter in Cannabis

Oliver Zugel - LinkedIn (2019)

Cannabis from low cost jurisdictions

Oliver Zugel - MJ BIZ European Cannabis Symposium (2019)

Pharma and medical cannabis

Oliver Zugel - MJ BIZ Latin American Cannabis Symposium (2019)

Medical Cannabis in Europe

Oliver Zugel - UK Cannabis Investor Forum (2019)

Market Perspectives for our industry

Oliver Zugel - The Cannabis Society (2019)

Indoor Cannabis – a Carbon footprint killer

Oliver Zugel - LinkedIn (2019)

Conference Chairman

Oliver Zugel - Cannabis Business Europe (2019)

Conference Chairman

Oliver Zugel - Cannabis Busniness Iberia (2019)

The outlook for medical cannabis in Europe

Oliver Zugel - MJ BIZ Conference Las Vegas (2019)

The Cannabis Society – Executive business conference

Diego Navarro - Panelist. Medellín, Colombia (2019)

The Lemming with a Parachute

Oliver Zugel - LinkedIn (2020)

Is low dose CBD a hoax?

Oliver Zugel - LinkedIn (2020)

Standardization and Medical Cannabis

Oliver Zugel - The Cannabis Conversation (2020)

Medical Cannabis and Hemp in Europe

Oliver Zugel - The Hoban Minute (2020)

Global Cannabis: Trends to Watch

Oliver Zugel - Luxembourg Investor Summit (2020)

What’s wrong with the CBD industry

Oliver Zugel - European Cannabis Expo (2020)

Will European Cannabis shift from flowers to extract

Oliver Zugel - CBD Testers (2020)

Challenges for our industry

Oliver Zugel - Canest Investment of Summit London (2020)

Medical Cannabis Research

Oliver Zugel - New Frontier Global Townhall (2020)

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