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Medical division: Foliumed Bogotá, Colombia

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We started the application process for cultivation, extraction and export licences for psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis (CBD) in Q4 2017. Our decision to locate our medical division in Colombia has been based upon the country’s unique growing conditions, the availability of highly skilled human resources and a favorable, export- oriented regulatory framework.

Growth strategy

Following licence approval in Q3 2018, we will build out our 14 hectare cultivation and GMP extraction site in close proximity to Bogota. Our commercial strategy is to provide affordable, efficacy-proven prescription medicines and innovative OTC products to:

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Latin America

a market with

625 M people

where high cost LPs won’t be able to compete.

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Major regulated import

markets such as

Germany or Canada

where demand outstrips supply

Facts and figures

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Total cultivation capacity:

54 tons

of dried flower per annum

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Total oil extraction capacity:

15 tons

of oil per annum