PR Newswire – Colombian Producer Foliumed Launches CBD sales in Europe.

FoliuMed, Oliver Zugel – Diego Navarro Jul 18, 2019. London

Colombian medical cannabis producer FoliuMed has successfully launched its line of products at CBD Europe, a leading European trade show. FoliuMed’s offering includes bulk cannabis extracts as well as branded consumer products like tinctures, capsules, topicals, edibles and vape pens.

“Through our R&D partnership with a GMP-certified lab in the USA, we are the first South American producer to offer a broad range of efficacious, safe and affordable cannabis products in Europe,” says FoliuMed’s Colombian CEO & Co-founder Diego Felipe Navarro. “The interest from wholesalers at the Expo has been tremendous, and we are excited to offer our products also to online shoppers through our new e-commerce platform in the fall.”
FoliuMed’s European market entry reflects its strategy to focus on well-regulated, sizeable and fast growing markets. “With the USA becoming competitive and South America still too small, Europe for now is our main battleground,” declares FoliuMed founder Oliver Zugel. “We believe that CBD will quickly become much more regulated, and the winners in the new landscape will be companies who can combine pharma, consumer goods and multi-channel distribution skills,” said Zugel during his keynote address at CBD Europe.

With consumer concerns about product efficacy, safety and prices on the rise, FoliuMed wants to become a disruptive force in the newly emerging industry. “We see a great opportunity in converting our cost advantage in Colombia into better value for our customers, with credible quality assurances as we control every process step from seed to sale,” says Diego Felipe Navarro.

About FoliuMed

FoliuMed is a vertically integrated cannabis producer with cultivation, production and distribution assets in the Americas and Europe. Its facility in Colombia consists of a 40-acre cultivation and extraction site in close proximity to Bogotá, with an annual production capacity of 77 tons of dried cannabis and hemp flowers and 12 tons of pharma-grade oils. FoliuMed has strategic alliances with Taproot and Sunset Holdings, the US producers of award-winning Roots and Tao vape pens.

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