Why we do it 1
Why we do it 2
Why we do it 3
We grow our own cannabis

Working with local farmers, we grow proprietary genetic strains in the sunny highlands around Bogota. Using sustainable cultivation methods, we guarantee that our products are free of pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

We are seed-to-sale

We control every step from cultivation, extraction, product development and sales to produce top quality products at affordable prices.

We are committed to innovation

Our R&D team consists of leading cannabis scientists, pharma experts and product development specialist.

Combining nature and science, they ensure our products’ therapeutic efficacy.

We supply pharma-grade, globally

Our operations are built to the specifications of the most demanding customers, and in strict compliance with international regulations for pharma, food and nutritional supplement products.

We care about the community

We source 10% of our products from small farmers and provide long term employment opportunities to disadvantaged local communities.

We grow our own cannabis
Why we do it 4

Facilities operating to GAP standards

Why we do it 5

Grow at 2500 m altitude in Nemocón, 70 km from Bogotá.

Why we do it 6

Pristine soil, water and air.

Why we do it 7

Sun grown

Why we do it 8

proprietary strains

Why we do it 9

tons dried flower capacity.

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Why we do it 11
Why we do it 12
Why we do it 13


high CBD, low THC, EU, USA Compliance

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Facilities operating to GMP standards

COAs from third party cannabis labs

Batch consistency

Pharmaceutical-grade quality

High extraction efficiency

Traceability from seed to sale